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Rugged4U Presenets New Rugged Control system:
The latest development for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Rugged4U develop for rugged military solution for :
The Rugged Naval Computer is a rugged system developed for naval applications.
Rugged4U present new Rugged Control Unit designed :
The new Control Unit is custom designed chassis which has all passed the Mil/Aero tests for military applications
Rugged Ground Systems
Rugged Naval Systems
Rugged Airborne Systems
Learning Center
Learning Center


Aircraft electrical power quality effects the operation and life of avionics equipment. For More Information
Rugged4U works with the best testing centers which specalizes in the field of Mil-Std-461 For More Information
The military standard MIL-STD-810 test series addresses a broad range of environmental conditions that include For More Information
Multifunction Rugged Equipments
There are many people who need such a computer which should work in harsh usage conditions also. The rugged equipments are the best answer to their question... For More Information
Rugged and sturdy technology for all industries – COTS system
Commercial-Off-The-Shelf system has gained immense popularity within the satellite industry. With mantra of ‘cheaper, better, faster’, COTS system made it possible to address this entire mandate. For More Information
Ruggedized LCDs – Survives in all conditions
There have been enormous revolutions in technology over the last few years. Ruggedized LCDs are one of the latest and highly developed revolutions in the monitor and display sectors... For More Information
Rugged racks mount monitors - economically and technically beneficial
In present scenario everyone is looking for advanced technology and cost effective solutions to their problems... For More Information
Rugged portable equipments – Multiple applications
Although the regular equipments can serve the basic needs of several people, still there are several sectors which require specially designed equipments such as computers, laptops and rack mounts... For More Information
Rugged computers – The technology for harsh environment
Rugged equipments are specially designed to operate in harsh working environment such as in strong vibrations, dusky or wet conditions and extreme temperature... For More Information
COTS systems – rugged technology
COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) systems are gaining wide popularity in this era of satellites. The main aim is to provide faster, better and cheaper products to increase the efficiency of work For More Information
COTS systems – rugged is necessary
From past few decades COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) is gaining a wide popularity in the satellite industry being a cheaper and faster mode. This includes installation of some software’s such as word processing, office products and e-mail programs. For More Information
COTS systems- fully integrated best solutions
To handle tough environmental conditions high performance and effective device is required to communicate, data processing and other functions. For More Information
COTS systems- effort towards excellence
Performance is not the boundary any more because of the emergence of COTS system equipped with latest technology ensuring great efficiency and accuracy. For More Information

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