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Multifunction Rugged Equipments

There are many people who need such a computer which should work in harsh usage conditions also. The rugged equipments are the best answer to their question. These are able to work in extreme temperature, strong vibrations and wet and dusky weather conditions. These are specially designed for rough usage in several situations. These computers can withstand adverse environmental conditions and different locations. The various types include:-

         Rack-mount systems

         Stand alone desktop

         Rugged laptops

         Wearable systems etc

The rugged rack-mount systems basically have a shelf in themselves. These are designed for the places where there is not enough space to fit in. The height and width depends upon requirement. The main industries which use these systems are rail board signalling, telecommunication, drilling and mining and military services. The nineteen inches rack is used for audio and video equipments which includes amplifiers, small scale audio mixers and effects units.

Stand alone desktop is used without requiring a connection to a Local area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). It can be connected to a network but its not mandatory for general use.

Rugged laptops allow people to go anywhere and do anything. These are mobile computers which can be easily carried out anywhere. There are many applications of these computers. A durable plastic is used to make it more reliable and working. The ruggedized LCDs are more compatible than the simple ones. These are available in touch screen also which allow faster work and using multiple screens at a time. These are also available with a vehicle mounting hardware.

The wearable systems give an opportunity to perform multiple tasks. These are used for climate control, assist in day to day activities such a shopping, personal health, entertainment and socialization etc. This converts the traditional ways of working to new electronic paradigm. This is an exceptional improvement over traditional methods of handling the day to day work. For marketers this is a low cost method and more convenient to reach their potential customers.

The main benefits of ruggedized equipments include the following:-

         Easy usage of interface- The industries require monitors easy to use interface for computation. These are user friendly and easy to use. The advanced interface does not require extra peripherals such as mouse, keyboard and VDUs.

         Touch screen- These computers are also available in touch screen user interface. People can access information with a touch on display without using the keys. This saves time of the user.

         Featuring robustness- The computers so designed are compatible for usage in different harsh climate conditions. The main features include dirt resistance, temperature resistance, anti corrosion etc.

         Portability- These are available in light weight and proper size thus can be easily taken to any place.

         Cost effective- Companies are providing these computers at reasonable rates.

         Cover wide areas- The application and usage of these computers covers large areas such as government and private offices, military and large scale industries etc.

Thus the requirement of rugged equipments is clear from the different applications of these systems. The main thing which should be considered while going for this system is to properly understand the requirement of the industry and the type of work.

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