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Learning Center >>  Ruggedized LCDs Survives in all conditions
Ruggedized LCDs Survives in all conditions

There have been enormous revolutions in technology over the last few years. Ruggedized LCDs are one of the latest and highly developed revolutions in the monitor and display sectors. Nowadays these are favoured by all industries due to the compatibility to survive in all conditions. These monitors are made up of latest technologies and are mostly used by military personnel. These are designed in a way to offer effective performance in harsh situations. The harsh situations include extreme conditions like hot, cold, vibrations and water etc. Therefore the design and the material used are of high quality. The components used are water resistant and protected with covers so that screen does not get damaged by water. These are also able to function in temperature below 20 degrees. This allows smooth and uninterrupted working of computer systems.

Why to choose a rugged LCD display?

There are many industries such as mining and drilling, construction, military services, satellites, telecommunication, petroleum etc which are highly location sensitive. The requirement of these industries is different from other industries. This is because these industries have to work in harsh environmental situations. This is one of the characteristics of these LCDs that these can survive in any type of situation. The picture quality is very good provided by these monitors. The other features are high brightness, contrast level and sound quality. The best part of these LCDs is dust and water proof system. These also consume low energy because these devices have no moving parts and fans. The electro-magnetic radiations are less in comparison to other monitors so they do not harm eyes. Other benefits of choosing this type of displays are-

         The steel frame of LCDs makes it more compatible to survive in harsh situations.

         These can also have touch screen interface which makes it easier to operate in difficult situations.

         People who work in dusty warehouses get benefited by these types of screens.

         At training places where the number of people are more this is the best option as everyone is able to see it such as shipping and departmental stores, restaurant training, railways and airport etc.

         These are proved very useful at the situations like explosions, and system failures.

The main features of a rugged LCD include-

         Shock resistance- This is the measure of how much shock load a system can withstand.

         Water resistance- Moisture and water is very hazardous for electrical components. Components are exposed to a good amount of water to measure performance.

         Dust resistance- Systems are designed to dissolve heat without using fans. Materials used include heat sinks which prevent dust to enter in to the machine.

         Vibration resistance- Constant vibration may cause damage to keyboard and other internal components.

         Temperature resistance- The components perform very well in extreme temperature also.

Rugged LCDs are good solution to maximum problems faced by industries. These have become an important part for the constant and effective performance.  The companies who are manufacturing these LCDs are providing good technical support with a warranty period.


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