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The Rugged Naval Computer is a rugged system developed for naval applications.
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The new Control Unit is custom designed chassis which has all passed the Mil/Aero tests for military applications
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Rugged portable equipments Multiple applications

Although the regular equipments can serve the basic needs of several people, still there are several sectors which require specially designed equipments such as computers, laptops and rack mounts. A regular computer may get broken in extreme situations and might not be convenient to use at every place. The requirements of government and military, emergency response personnels and civilians vary from each other. These different requirements give birth to rugged equipments which are specially designed for harsh environmental conditions such as heat, cold, extreme vibrations etc. Mainly in military missions knowledge, information and communication is a crucial part. This requires computers which are compatible for every kind of situation. The application areas of these equipments includes military areas, drilling and mining, emergency medical technicians, special weapons and tactics, logistical support, law enforcement teams and civil government. The main industries where this technology is applied are construction, chemical plants, excavation, shipyards, geological surveys, trucking, healthcare and various laboratories etc.

The main features of rugged equipments includes the following-

         Use of metal case materials

         Vibration-resistant LCD displays

         Sealed LCD displays

         Shock mounted hard drives

         Sealed ports and PC card Slots

         Spill resistant keyboards and pointing devices

In case of rugged rack mount equipments the following features are involved-

         Heavier metal construction

         Low power processors to minimize heat dissipation

         Additional cooling

         Environmental protection such as water spray, dusk proof etc

         Alternative cooling methods such as liquid, forced air and conduction

         Robust control

         Plug in card retention and support

Rugged computers are not much expensive and are easily available according to the needs of particular industry. These are best suitable for craggy industrial situations and show more reliability. These equipments enhance the work efficiency, connectivity, expandability and product reliability. Today there are several companies which are providing best solutions to different problems related to different working conditions. These are also available in various forms and systems. These companies are providing multifunctional equipments to serve as much purposes of an industry as possible. The manufacturers of these computers are providing intelligent transportation system which is specifically designed. These computers are available at affordable prices. Some manufacturers are providing these computers with rack mounts. This makes it easier to carry them from one place to another as per the requirements. These systems also offer longer existence and some special services. The longer existence of these equipments also depends upon ruggedized chassis.

This is very clear from the usage that these equipments are very advantageous for the industries mainly located at some distinctive places.  The technology is growing very fast from military application to the civilian application. Industries can make more informed and effective decisions based on new technology and equipments. These are also very helpful and useful in communication industry as computers are important integral part of every industry. The only thing to be considered is choosing the best one for your industry depending upon the requirement of the situation.

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