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The Rugged Naval Computer is a rugged system developed for naval applications.
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The new Control Unit is custom designed chassis which has all passed the Mil/Aero tests for military applications
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Learning Center >>  Rugged computers – The technology for harsh environment
Rugged computers – The technology for harsh environment

Rugged equipments are specially designed to operate in harsh working environment such as in strong vibrations, dusky or wet conditions and extreme temperature. These are designed keeping in mind the craggy systems of industries and manufacturing concerns. The products so manufactured are more reliable than other simply designed computer systems. These are more reliable because simple computer systems do not withstand the conditions of extremes such as wind, heat, water, dust, cold and other elements. The requirement of such equipments arises due to different working conditions of different locations. There are many industries in remote areas also where climate is not so good but still they have to work.

There are many companies nowadays which are offering marketplace for rugged computers. These companies are offering a wide range for selection and a very good and intelligent transportation system. These systems are specially designed according to the demand of certain industries.  The best suitable example of these industries is military offices especially at borders, government offices, telecommunication and transportation places etc. The components used in these systems are designed to work under wear and tear situations. The components are properly tested so that problems can be avoided. This includes test of cables, processing and data storage. These systems are water tight and vibration resistant. The main techniques used in these computers are removable shock-mounted hard drive, flexible and high quality internal connections, vibration resistant LCDs, connector covers and sealed ports.   There are very less chances of occurrence of any problem. We can also call these systems as industrial computers. As these are specially designed for harsh conditions still these are not much expensive. These computers are easily available for purchase and can easily be transported to industrial sites.

The rugged computers play a very important and active role in effective communication in different working situations. The other places where these computers are used are emergency vehicles such as air tankers, fire engines and helicopters. The other best example of its usage is drilling and mining operations. The main feature of these computers includes path tracking, navigation, geo-setting satellites and location identification and coordination. They have good resolution power and low maintenance cost. These are also available in many forms such as rack mount systems, laptops and PDAs and Stand alone desktops. Users can choose the best one according to their requirement.

Rugged equipments are found more effective and compatible for different working situations. There are many other areas also apart from military services and other emergency services. These include security, courier, postal and petroleum drilling etc. These are the best solution to all climatic and other technological problems. The simple computers can be destroyed by heat, water and dust. Considering all the advantages this can be figured out that these systems are compatible enough for any type of working conditions. Still various experts are working very hard to make them more powerful and successful. The main thing behind the technology advancement and inventions is the establishment of various industries and demand for such computers. The industries just need to understand their requirement and the system is ready for them.

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