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Learning Center >>  COTS systems – rugged technology
COTS systems – rugged technology

COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) systems are gaining wide popularity in this era of satellites. The main aim is to provide faster, better and cheaper products to increase the efficiency of work. COTS create economic and quick software's addressing the different kinds of requirements of businesses as well as military. This is a rugged technology creating difference by offering unbeatable features to handle tough working environment. COTS provide maximum performance by delivering latest technology of this generation. The solutions provided by COTS systems are thoroughly tested through many techniques by reducing time to deploy different applications. There are many applications that are followed through COTS systems.

COTS systems are used in control stations as it offers great platform specially designed to control and command applications. This system is very durable thus reliable and can be used in some critical applications as well. Another application of COTS systems includes secure networking that may be for aerospace, maritime and mobile communications. It allows large data amounts to process very efficiently in harsh environmental conditions. The main applications related to secure networking is government applications, military and aerospace because these are the areas where very compatible systems are required due to harsh conditions.

COTS systems or components can be used in different types of vehicles and robots. The system is shock resistant, work in extreme temperature, vibration resistant and other geographical and technical supports. This means that COTS components can work very efficiently in the air, on the ground and under water. COTS systems can be used as portable products so that they are easy to handle in the toughest environment also ensuring heat dissipation and power. The modern design of COTS components allows different industries to meet unique requirements such as military applications. Main factors that are considered while choosing any rugged system are assembly, topology, characteristics and the material used.

The manufacturing process of COTS systems is very technological to ensure great performance and new generation requirements. The areas where high temperature is causing many problems COTS systems act as a magic to solve all the problems. For example in telecommunication applications high bandwidth is required that too without interruptions and that is ensured by COTS systems. Various systems are designed after going through many tests in all kinds of environmental conditions to know its compatibility. COTS components are used to design rack mount servers to make them space constrained and mechanically fit for rugged conditions. Such rack mount servers are featured with hi-tech design, superior technologies and ruggedness.

In military applications COTS systems are most reliable and durable systems to be used to attain highest performance. These designs are technologically proven as tested on pre-defined standards. Military systems are featured with high bandwidth, good data processing and highest security, fabulous compatibility, low power consumption and excellent designs. Constant performance of COTS systems ensures power supplies and support multi-functionality. In military aircraft and ships space available is very less but technological requirement is very high thus arose need of space constrained systems. Military aircraft and ships are also prone to various harsh conditions such as extreme vibrations, shocks, wind, temperature variations and other such conditions. The ruggedness of COTS systems allows these aircrafts and ships to work by supporting extremely in such mentioned harsh conditions. Only high quality plastic is used to make various components so that one can rely upon them even in the worst circumstances. A thick sheet of metal is used to provide rigidity against extreme shocks and vibrations. The server cables are designed in a manner to ensure reliability and durability accompanied by rugged locks. Experts always try to reduce the number of cables to as minimum as possible by offering multiple functions in one component only. Vibration sensitive hard drives are one of the most valuable approaches to decrease the chances of risk and damage to data.

COTS systems are specially designed for modern military requirements that lie on protected communications and excellent network system. As military people need to share information and orders with different places, they need very sound system mechanism ensuring high voice quality. COTS technology allows WIN-T (War fighter Information Network Tactical) to be more rugged and featured with latest technology providing complete solutions. High level of networking capacities is required with great safety so that military people of other nations may not trace their conversation. Using COTS technology the telecommunication offices of military can work in a more systematic way because it is designed with proper size, accurate weight and effective power. COTS systems ensure that while designing such a kind of design, the quality parameters are not compromised anywhere. Most suitable design and bandwidth follow each other to form an unbeatable product. For every battlefield COTS system is the most reliable and durable option with its long term advantages and functionality.

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