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Learning Center >>  COTS systems rugged is necessary
COTS systems rugged is necessary
From past few decades COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) is gaining a wide popularity in the satellite industry being a cheaper and faster mode. This includes installation of some software's such as word processing, office products and e-mail programs. The main advantage of COTS systems is that it is relatively less costly to install than other software's or office products. This system is mostly used in military applications being compatible against harsh environment. This provides a foundation for military operations by offering good hardware and software system. Nowadays, more compatible and modified computers are also available to attract more and more customers.

Wide-ranging variety of COTS components are used as military equipments and for new generation customized COTS systems are launched. These systems play a very important role especially when it comes with rugged computers required for different applications or operations. A normal desktop can not compete with harsh situations according to product managers of different technological units thus arises the need for more customized rugged computers like COTS systems. Such harsh conditions include extreme temperature, vibrations, heat, cold, dust, salt spray and humidity. Special packaging is also required for military applications to perfectly fit the computer in the space available that is somehow limited. This is not necessary that two operations need the similar kind of features as it may vary according to their specific requirements. The features may include serial ports, board sets and connectors. The demand for COTS systems may vary from one company to another and the prices are also different. Company requiring more customized systems has to pay more for additional features than the company demanding less. System integrators are key person to determine the need of different companies thus acts accordingly to the needs such as reliability, capability and resistance to harsh environment. System integrators make a perfect balance between cost and the performance offered by COTS systems.

Customization level

There are many companies manufacturing special customized systems satisfying the different needs of different applications. Designing is same but the main consideration is the parts and their capabilities that have to be adjusted according to working environment. One can get computer boxes also according to their need by selecting from thin and thick boxes. Main consideration is given to helicopter programs, submarine, navy shipboard and tactical vehicles. Compact rugged computers and VME are specially designed for several military operations such as navy and aircraft. For tight places and extreme environments COTS systems are perfect fit due to its unbeatable compatibility.

Modular emerge

Modified version of COTS systems is manufactured by many companies to satisfy the special needs of different operations these days due to the demand for innovated technology. A good customized COTS system require lengthy production program because high scientific technology is used that too with the help of different contractors. The target of such modular computers is military requirements to offer them usable and compatible products for different applications. Modular COTS systems are the result of experience and hard work of highly professional engineers offering great products at affordable price levels. These engineers' take the standard products to the process of customized development to form modified versions. This involves a system integrated approach for strong customer base by providing high performance and solving the problems related to hardware and software systems.

Military applications

More developed systems are required to compete with military applications such as extreme temperature, shocks, humidity, cold, heat and vibrations. Highly professional engineers are required to develop such kind of product requiring innovation and perfect know how. Customized COTS systems are perfect fit for the defense operations. Companies that have installed COTS systems do not require additional tools to support their business because this is multi-functional.

A good care should be given while selecting COTS products that must support the industrial requirements in a good manner. More flexible and hi-tech systems must be preferred if looking for highly compatible products that should be accompanied by easy maintenance and user friendly functionality. The hardware equipments must also be chosen with great care such as network equipment, baseband units, computers and antennas. The different offerings of COTS systems are very advantageous because it can be used for different types of satellites. This system is suitable for every mission but it requires regular updating of database. Flexible interfaces are being offered by many manufacturers that require no customization even. Some other advantages are easy maintenance, reduced procurement, delivery time is very short and low training cost. Customer can take the help of instructions to further use the products according to changing requirements.

COTS systems offer great capabilities and additional features ensuring high compatibility to support satellite designs and harsh environmental conditions. These are very reliable and durable with long term usage and innovative technology. For effective satellite communication COTS system offer great way to meet such requirements at affordable price level. This is the perfect solution providing rugged features and high compatibility.

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