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COTS systems- fully integrated best solutions
To handle tough environmental conditions high performance and effective device is required to communicate, data processing and other functions. Technically such devices that can compete with such environmental conditions are known as rugged devices or rugged components. COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) products or components are marking their presence by providing faster and cheaper means to compete with all types of conditions. Many system integrators are involved for making COTS components suitable for harsh conditions such as extreme vibrations, temperature, humidity, heat, cold and shocks. Main emphasize of COTS components is the space, because these are designed for places having limited space by providing multi-functional shelves.

COTS systems are designed to provide easy installation and corporation with other system components already existing. It provides great flexibility and adaptability being a solution to different applications such as military applications, hospitals, aircraft and naval operations. In present scenario when everything is highly technological, the demand for great and compatible features has been increased. This is the era of satellite technology also referred to as satellite industry; COTS systems are providing infinite benefits through its performance. It supports much software and hardware operations effectively. The main areas where COTS systems support a lot are monitoring communication, telecom and equipment control with the help of specialized hardware. Nowadays, government organizations and commercial business are relying upon satellites due to its unbeatable quality of networking and communicating. For satellite operations COTS systems play an important role because they provide multi-functional shelves to support different modules that too with occupying small space. The designing of such components are such that they can be used in different operations especially military operations because they demand more rugged systems. Military aircrafts require something adjustable with high performance and ruggedness that too equipped with fewer cables.

Different satellite industries and military operation's needs are fulfilled by COTS components ensuring reliability and durability. The control and command systems of COTS are creating a new world for satellite industry by supporting all types of satellite designs and effective computing hardware that are easily available. As future is always uncertain so are the requirements, this system is flexible enough that can be used as required. This also helps to reduce maintenance and operational cost because no extra tools are required once it has been installed by any industry. The expanded capabilities and perfect designing that too with rugged features makes it a perfect fit for military requirements. The different applications include control and command stations, safe and secure networking, robots and vehicles and portable computers.

Features adding to its value

  • COTS systems are more reliable and durable than any other system due to its compatibility to handle tough situations such as extreme vibrations, temperature, cold, heat and humidity. Especially in military operations COTS systems play an important role by providing great accuracy and safety without any interruptions.
  • It offers multi-functional shelves for other existing components and a perfect fit for places having limited space.
  • COTS systems are flexible enough thus one can change it according to dynamic needs being a flexible solution.
  • It can be used for all types of satellites and mission by just updating its database and also suits different operational requirements.
  • The maintenance and installation cost is very low because this does not require any additional tool and shelves.
  • For military communication it provides greater safety and security through secure networking. This includes aerospace communication, mobile communication and maritime communications. This allows processing of mass data that too in harsh environment in aerospace, government and military applications.
  • For effective and reliable control mechanism COTS system provides a valuable platform for critical operations.
  • Customized COTS systems allow modified versions with many additional features ensuring high performance and secure platform.
  • In military applications rugged systems are required, COTS systems are compatible enough offering accuracy and reliability.

By providing unmatched and unbeaten applications COTS systems is a perfect fit for modern military requirements. In military operations exchange of information play a vital role thus requires an effective and safest system to rely upon. COTS system provides real time command and control centers through which information can be routed with great safety each for air, sea and land operations. Earlier the systems used by military and government operations were very normal but now this is the world of customized systems because no two companies can have same requirements. COTSA system is the outcome of great efforts of many professional system integrators, programmers and engineers enabling people to experience the limits of sky. High bandwidth and system coordination is offered by this system thus proving itself a solution for every operation.

For battlefield COTS systems is the most reliable and durable option due to its unique features satisfying unique requirements. For long term usage its features are compatible enough to compete with harsh conditions with great sense of accuracy.

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