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Learning Center >>  COTS systems- effort towards excellence
COTS systems- effort towards excellence
Performance is not the boundary any more because of the emergence of COTS system equipped with latest technology ensuring great efficiency and accuracy. Particularly for aerospace and military such kinds of systems are required to eliminate loopholes with great accuracy and reliability. This helps in increasing safety features, reliable design and extreme conditions resistance. Manufacturing of such systems play an important role as material and methods to be used must be compatible enough. Advancement in technology has come up with new generation COTS systems ensuring less power consumption and promising performance especially in harsh temperature conditions.

COTS systems are embedded systems specifically designed to attain high standards such as safety standards, telecommunication safety and control standards. The system is tested on different parameters to ensure high bandwidth and certified systems for extreme environments. This also includes server management providing audible, remote and visual indications if any fault is found. In military and government operation specially designed systems are required. These systems are small in size thus do not require large space in any industry for installation and are mechanically and thermally suitable for tough conditions.

Features making COTS system so compatible for harsh environmental conditions include-

  • Temperature components that are extended.
  • Healthy mechanical design to ensure strong body features.
  • Featuring hot swappable.
  • Superior technologies of vibration suppression.
  • Resistance top heat, cold and shocks.

COTS system allows a perfect balance between environmental demands and reliability. Military operations require certified and proven systems for their processes for telecommunication. COTS system offer great bandwidth with highest level of accuracy and efficiency that too without disturbance. The security level is very high for processing large amount of data in different environmental as well as physical conditions. By using superfluous technology high performance is assured with no power failure. Ruggedness is a great feature allowing all systems to work in temperature variations. As aircrafts and battle ships have less space, COTS system being space constrained is the best solution to beat such a problem. This system is very small in size that can be easily installed in the available limited space with very less usage of cables. Rugged chassis are also designed to provide strong base with minimum use of plastic that too heat resistant. Use of thick metal sheet ensures improved safety with great reliability and excellent locking system. Many functions are integrated in one shelf only thus reduces the need for additional tools ensuring cost efficiency. The techniques used for vibration resistance are really unbeatable allows safety to hard drives so that they are able to remain on the right track.

There are many manufacturers providing modified solutions to different requirements with highly modular and embedded systems. Needs of military are also increasing these days due to ever changing technology demanding great concern. To ensure that the technology used is latest, many highly professional and qualified engineers, programmers and system integrators are hired by manufacturers. For safe and secure communication network, the capability level of COTS system has been increased. The offerings of COTS system are very valuable for various command centers allowing broadband communication and great bandwidth. These centers can thus operate many functions at single time with competence.

Some features adding value to COTS system are conversion technology, high performance, reduced NRE, output adjustment, conservative design and compatibility ton work in extreme conditions. In satellite industry COTS system are marking their presence by providing excellent ground for integration of various components. These systems are suitable to be used with any kind of satellite design because of its flexible nature to compete with dynamic conditions. COTS system package is equipped with mind blowing technology allowing a single platform for multiple functionalities. For effective network management and monitoring process, many companies are supplying excellent service providers and operators ensuring great results with accuracy. COTS system is providing end to end solutions for all military, commercial and government operations. Main functions includes Control system, carrier monitoring, ground systems, equipment management, mission planning, radio frequency, effective networking, undisturbed communication and single place for existing components etc.

As requirement of one industry may vary from the other, it requires COTS systems with different features. While selecting COTS system one must make sure that this is the right and most suitable product satisfying the requirements. This also includes selection of hardware equipments such as antennas, computers, base band units and network equipments. Nowadays, many designs are available supporting hi-tech satellites and ensuring long term reliability. To achieve effective satellite communication that too at affordable cost COTS system is very beneficial. Ever changing issues can be addressed through well maintained and flexible embedded system. In the present scenario operations of every industry are relied upon electronic systems such as weapons management, data integration, control points and command centers. Nothing is possible without use of technology because dynamic requirements and COTS system is the perfect fit for such requirements.

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