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Rugged and sturdy technology for all industries COTS system
Commercial-Off-The-Shelf system has gained immense popularity within the satellite industry. With mantra of cheaper, better, faster', COTS system made it possible to address this entire mandate. There were numerous companies in line which aimed to attain a totally effective system that is free from all kinds of discrepancies. They were however, not able to rectify all their issues towards providing a system which is fully flexible and suitable.

Few organizations made it possible to design an integrated COTS system, ICS. Introduction of such a regimen made it possible to allow viability of the system throughout operational life. It also increased adaptability and flexibility of numerous solutions in line. Millions of dollars are spent for complex yet customized system developers within the satellite industry. They aim to introduce custom codes which can support factors such as:

  • Equipment control
  • Communication monitoring
  • Telemetry and tele-command processing
  • Finally to develop single hardware which could support only one satellite

All these factors were aimed to achieve increasing demand of satellite by both government aided and commercial organizations. This increasing demand also aggravated numerous questions within such business professionals who use satellite mechanism for both their long term and short term needs.

Seeking all this, developers therefore introduced a reliable, far better and adaptable system Integrated COTS system. This mechanism was introduced so as to provide effective support to satellite designing which is being operated on an affordable and readily available hardware computing mechanism, COTS. This mechanism was aimed to render effective and reliable solutions for control and command system which also reduces maintenance as well as operations and procurement cost for users. It also tried to eliminate developmental and customized risks based on tool kit along with other maintenance costs and in-discrepancies.

Today, the Cost-Off-The-Shelf system is known for providing end to end solutions to all aspects of the ground system laid down by the satellite industry. Besides providing solutions to major systems and sub-systems of control and command of satellite, the COTS mechanism is useful for monitoring of carrier, management of equipment and network. RF and IF related devices, operation and equipment management and payload planning and mission accomplishment are other resourceful activities carried on by this integrated mechanism. There are other main concepts as well which are being emphasized by this COTS system:

  • Bringing in well organized products for COTs from established providers that have proven long term positive track records.
  • Selecting such products which are highly flexible, adaptable and scalable in design.
  • Establishing effective mechanisms for integration of products that are documented and public, off-the-shelf and to support convenience of maintainability, integration and future progress.
  • Deciding about hardware equipments such as networks, computers, RF baseboards, antennas as well as commodity.
  • Finally, developing such as system which is suitable for APIs application programming interfaces as well.

Using such an integrated COTS system is useful for any kind of satellite or even for cluster of satellites. In addition to this, it is ideal for any type of mission by making necessary updates in database. Customers can tailor such system to be used for any kind of operational concept because the entire mechanism is documented. In addition to this, this mechanism possesses great shock resistance and can efficiently work in extreme temperature conditions. It is also vibration resistant and is supportive of technical and geographical measures. All this makes these units truly ideal to be used in air, on under water surfaces and on ground.

Due to its inbuilt great mechanism, the system of COTS can be effectively used as portable products which make them easy to use devices even in the toughest of environmental applications. It is because of these features that this system is suitable not only for satellite industry but also for other industrial types. Great as semblance, topology and efficacy of materials used for this system truly makes it a great device to be used in all types on industrial norms. In order to provide great power to current industrial norms, the manufacturing section of this system is totally technologically advanced. Whether it is a high temperature area or a cold chilly region, the COTS system provides great functionality in all aspects.

Due to diversified need of COTS system it is designed with high bandwidth power. Various types of mechanics are also instilled in it so that it is easy to make use of this regimen for all types of governmental and commercial sectors. From military to architectural, satellite to automobile, this system is greatly used in all of them. There are numerous companies which design this program with great attentiveness and efficiency so that it is able to meet all kinds of diversified needs of today's work environment. Using this technologically advanced device can help industries to carry on their tasks in more systematic way due to its great design and quality parameters.

COTS system can therefore be employed by any industry type for having an unbeatable proficiency in work.

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