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Rugged4U Presenets New Rugged Control system:
The latest development for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Rugged4U develop for rugged military solution for :
The Rugged Naval Computer is a rugged system developed for naval applications.
Rugged4U present new Rugged Control Unit designed :
The new Control Unit is custom designed chassis which has all passed the Mil/Aero tests for military applications
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Solutions >>  Rugged Ground Systems >> Portable Ground Control Station
Portable Ground Control Station

The PGCS is a compact, lightweight, Portable Ground Control station. It is an integral component of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), especially in use with mini-UAV systems.

The data captured by the UAV is processed, retrieved and stored at the portable ground control system (PGCS).The PGCS features a portable remote video terminal and ground control equipment.

The computer monitor fitted in the PGCS displays missions planned using digital maps and pre-programmed flight coordinates control.

The PGCS has an improved MMI (Man Machine interface). Its geometrical shape and special design of switches and controls ease the operator work.
The PGCS includes a tripod mounting base. Since it is small in size and lightweight, it is extremely useful for mini-UAV applications. 

The PGCS combines two main elements. The computing platform utilizing a rugged COTS computer, like the GETAC V100 or the Panasonic CF19.  The computer is embedded into the PGCS body, which includes all the required electronics to support switches and control monitoring, DC power connectivity and communication ports.

The PGCS may operate via external DC power source, or upon the rugged computer battery. While an external DC source available, automatically the computer battery is under charge. The PGCS may operate continuously during external power on/off.

The PGCS is a sealed unit, suitable to use in a wide temperature range, high humidity and rain environment.

Product features:

Computer features 

sunlight readable screen
touch screen
backlit keyboard

Electrical chassis features 

switches, joystick and controls management
DC power handling including computer battery charge


Video in / Video out


Weight 5 kg

Proven Environmental Tests
Extended temperature range, according to MIL-STD-810E, Method 501.3 Procedure I, II  
Operation:   -20˚  +49˚
Storage:   -35˚  +71˚
Humidity - relative humidity up to 95%4% as defined in MIL STD 810F, Method 507.4
Rain MIL-STD-810F method 506.4, Proc. I, rainfall 50mm/hr for 1 hour, without blowing.
Vibration, Shock and Transit Drop while the product installed in its transportation packaging

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